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Athens Assistance is an independent private company that operates in the wider range of medical and travel assistance services, specializing in case management, cost containment, claims handling, air ambulance and repatriations.

Established in Athens since 1993

The operations platform consists of multilingual coordinators and doctors, with years of experience in emergency services, on 24/7 basis.

In 1994 joined the International Assistance Group being the only Greek member. By this partnership has a vast global network of correspondents and providers capable of providing anytime urgent solutions across the globe.

Its aim is to provide client customized solutions according to international standards and establish reliable trustful relation for mutual advantages.

Its vision is to be point of reference in the field of assistance, with outstanding medical care, for high level human oriented quality and cost efficiency services.

For over 20 consecutive years, we offer 24/7 medical and travel assistance, anywhere in the world. Our call-center is equipped with multilingual coordinators while our experienced medical team can handle any medical emergency.

Medical assistance

  • International medical assistance
  • Immediate and 24/7 operation
  • Medical transfers – Ambulances
  • Sanitary escorts
  • Medical evacuations anywhere in the world
  • House call medical visits
  • Detailed medical reports
  • Expert medical advice
  • Second medical opinion
  • Medications dispatch
  • Direct settlement of medical expenses
  • Cost containment – Medical bill audit services

Case management

Athens Assistance has its own integrated case management process that facilitates recommended treatment plans and reassures that appropriate medical care and services are provided to ill or injured individuals.

The planning and coordination of health care services appropriate to achieve the goal of medical rehabilitation may include:

  • Evaluation of one’s condition
  • Medical transfer or evacuation
  • Admission to recommended facility
  • Treatment progress monitoring
  • Medical reports and expertise opinions etc.

Cost Containment

Increasing health care costs are one of the biggest issues that insurance and medical assistance organizations are facing today. Poorly managed, large claims can quickly extend out of control. Athens Assistance is constantly evolving to ensure that our international and domestic clients have a complete set of solutions to deal with these obstacles always according to the three universal fundamentals of healthcare: Access, Quality and Cost.

We recognize that strong medical provider relationships are essential to the ongoing delivery of effective cost containment and for this reason we carefully analyze claims to identify any opportunity to reduce health care expenses, without risking the patient’s treatment course or the cooperation with the provider. This analysis may produce opportunities to renegotiate charges and identify any duplicative or unnecessary codes thus providing our clients with exceptional service and significant cost saving plans with the below key strategies:

  • Cost control through healthcare provider contracts
  • Maximum healthcare quality
  • Elimination of unnecessary medical charges
  • Data and cost analysis
  • Fraud and abuse investigation
  • Real time auditing
  • Pre-authorization cost management

Finally, we implement with each client a customized to their needs cost containment strategy, aiming to the constant improvement of our services and to an economic balance for all involving parts.

Air Ambulance

Athens Medevac, the air ambulance service of Athens Assistance, provides 24/7 and immediate evacuation or repatriation of patients, with fully equipped medical aircrafts along with experienced medical team and full ICU equipment or on commercial flights with fully equipped medical escorts.

Everywhere in Greece and worldwide.

With the highly experienced in emergency evacuations medical team providing the necessary care to the patient and the experience of our operations team, we are in position to:

  • maintain the highest possible level of safety
  • be fully prepared for any kind of evacuation
  • find ourselves on top of the patient transfer services, not only throughout Greece but also worldwide

Medical escorts

Athens Assistance provides medical escorts either for medical evacuations or for individuals who need special care during their travel on scheduled commercial flights.

Our escort team consists of specially-trained in medical emergencies physicians or critical care nurses, all of which with long-term experience in medical evacuations and repatriations, well traveled and familiar with the requirements of the task and available 24/7 to travel anywhere in the world.

We can provide medical evaluation prior to the trip, the necessary medical equipment, arrange the tickets and ground transports, including if necessary ground ambulance transfers on both ends.

We are dedicated to provide and maintain superior patient care throughout all the domestic or international flights, everything to make one’s return home as safe as possible.

Travel assistance

  • Airplane and boat tickets booking
  • Hotel reservations
  • Transfer arrangements
  • Claims investigation and settling
  • Bureaucratic procedures
  • Lost baggage and documents
  • Money transfers
  • Cash advance
  • Prescheduled return
  • Body repatriation
  • Custom formalities
  • Contact with consular authorities
  • Roadside assistance
  • Extensive national and international network
  • 24/7 emergency road assistance

On spot repair

  • Towing service
  • Spare parts distribution
  • Heavyweight vehicles (trucks, buses, campers)
  • Car rental
  • Vehicle repatriation
  • Vehicle storage
  • Cost control
  • Travel and medical assistance of the passengers

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