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Eugenia Kardara started her studies in medicine at the University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center in Hungary and she was specialized in the field of Ophthalmology at “Agios Savvas” Hospital in Athens.

After being trained in ophthalmoplasty, she specialized in the treatment of eyelid and eye tumors. Along with the above, she participated in specialized retina detachment surgery as well as in the treatment of diseases with intraventricular injections.

She was trained in cataract surgery at the “Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital and Eye Research Center “in Chennai, India, under the supervision of the Professor and President of the American Ophthalmic Community Dr. Agarwal. For a long time she worked at a private ophthalmology center in Athens, and she worked with the University Hospital of Gennimatas, at the Vitreous Department for a year. She has participated in numerous Greek and international ophthalmology conferences with papers and presentations on lacrimal apparatus, thyroid ophthalmopathy and its treatment as well as surgical repair of eyelid tumors.

Recently, her latest work on “Ophthalmic Metastasis of Breast Cancer and Occult Side Effects from Breast Cancer Treatment and Management: Mini Review.” was published in the English medical journal BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL, vol 2015, 10.1155 / 2015/574086.

Today, she collaborates with specialized private centers in Athens, where she is dealing with surgical incidents, performing surgical procedures for cataract, stye, blepharoplasty, and laser correction of myopia, hyperopia, etc.

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Languages: Greek, English

Today, perhaps more than ever, our ever-growing exposure to all types of radiation, and the existence of a large number of diseases (diabetes, high pressure, etc.), make it necessary to regularly check our vision to prevent and deal on time with any difficulty that may lead to a serious vision problem.

In this context, our clinic performs full ophthalmologic examination while at the same time correcting refractive irregularities (myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism) with corrective eyeglasses, using modern equipment that offers maximum precision. Tests are also performed for color blindness, stereoscopy, strabismus, dry eye, etc.

Special monitoring is performed in patients with diabetes mellitus with the use of abdominoplasty in order to diagnose on time those eye diseases which affect the eye internally. Patients with high intraocular pressure or any visual field disorder may be subjected to a specific Auto Perimeter examination, a highly specialized, cutting edge equipment.

For school and pre-school children all ophthalmological examinations are performed with special charts and eye charts.

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