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Obstetrics – Gynecology Private Clinic

Obstetrics - Gynecology - IVF

The Obstetrics – Gynecology Private Clinic in Rhodes was founded in 2006 by the 3 obstetricians – surgeons, Efthymiou Theodoros, Dr. Manolikakis Georgios and Fotinos Georgios, with the aim of upgrading health services in the field of obstetrics – gynecology in the Dodecanese.

The Clinic is equipped with the latest equipment in machinery and software. The doctors of the center are characterized by excellent training and a high level of specialization in antenatal care, as they are accredited by the international organization FMF, offering high quality services.

The mission of the clinic is:

  1. the prevention and effective treatment of any kind of gynecological incident in the adolescent, reproductive and mature age of the woman but also
  2. the care and scientific monitoring of the expectant mother from conception and pregnancy to childbirth with the ultimate goal of a healthy baby.

The obstetricians-gynecological surgeons Mr. Efthymiou and Mr. Fotinos have received appropriate training for the ability to perform ultrasounds from the Fetal Medicine Foundation of Great Britain (FMF).All the doctors of the clinic have certification from the FMF.

The high level of training is ensured by their compulsory lifelong training and evaluation in order to maintain the FMF ultrasound license.

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